Acrylic Freestanding

Countertop Sneeze Guards


Countertop Sneeze Guards - Freestanding Countertop Sneezeguards (aka Coronavirus Shields) - Acrylic Countertop Shields protect retail workers from infectious droplets from customer sneezes & coughs. In light of the coronavirus COVID-19, we are seeing a significant jump in demand for acrylic sheets for sneeze guards. These easy-to-assemble countertop sneeze guards are used in Convenience stores, Pharmacies, Urgent Care Centers & other public sites are using these shields to protect workers from spray and airborne spread of the virus. Plexiglass acrylic is Easily Cleaned (with warm soap & water), Transparent (for easy visibility), and 50% the Weight of glass. It is also easily assembled on-site (just slide three pieces together).

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